5 signs that you could need glasses for reading

5 signs that you could need glasses for reading

Are you reading comfortably? If the answer’s no, then it could be time to start picking out some stylish and sustainable reading glasses, stat. 

By Rebecca Denne.

Keeping an eye on any changes with your sight is super important, particularly as we age. While you may have had perfect 20/20 vision throughout your life and always nailed your eye exams (well done!), your eyes can change over time, which may mean embracing a new look and some stylish glasses for reading. Lucky for you, not only is our range of frames super stylish but it’s made from eco-friendly material, so it’s kind on the planet, too.  

Here are five of the most common ways your eyes might be telling you that you need reading specs


1. You’re getting headaches on the reg 

Do you barely make it to lunchtime and feel like your head is going to explode? You could be experiencing a tension headache brought on by a prolonged period of eye strain. While tension headaches are pretty common, getting them frequently could mean that your eyes are having to work overtime, whether that’s on your laptop or reading a good book. For some people, it might be both eyes and for others it's just one that’s having to do all the heavy lifting. Either way, take a note of when you’re getting headaches and book an appointment with your optometrist, pronto, to discuss sustainable eyewear.  

2. You’ve started squinting A LOT 

While the odd squint is quite normal for even the healthiest of eyes, if you find yourself intently squinting as you scroll through TikTok then it could be a sign your eyes are in need of some TLC (read: some specs). While squinting to focus on whatever you’re reading helps to block out light and it might work wonders in the short term, it could mean that your eyes are facing fatigue and are under unnecessary strain, which could be alleviated with the right pair of eco-friendly lenses.  


3. You struggle with distance  

Do you juuuust about manage to read the brunch menu or maybe find yourself slowly holding your book closer to your face each page turn? You could be experiencing what’s known as presbyopia. Presbyopia is the gradual loss of your eyes' ability to focus on nearby objects and typically happens around the age of 40. Next time you’re reading, check out how far away you’re holding your tablet or book – if it’s less than about 30 centimetres from your face and you’re struggling, it’s time to get your eyes checked.    


4. Your eyesight feels kinda blurry  

Do you feel the need, the need to rub your eyes? Occasional blurry eyes could be down to dehydration, eye strain, tiredness or a case of dry eye, but it’s always worth getting someone to take a look if you’re worried about any changes. If you’re having to rub your eyes or look away from your screen on the reg to refocus, your eyes might be telling you that reading glasses could be on the agenda. Your optometrist will be able to assess your sight and then the excellent bit of choosing sustainable frames begins. Look out for lenses with blue light protection, which can help if you’re using your computer screen frequently. 


5. You keep turning the lights on 

If you’re constantly chasing the nearest desk lamp or you struggle to read in the shade, reading glasses could be beneficial. As we get older, the muscles in our eyes that control how we react to light can change leaving us struggling to focus in dimly lit conditions. Reading specs could help, as well as transform your look. Let’s face it, win-win. 

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Remember to consult a health professional if you’re concerned about your eyesight.