The ultimate guide to polarised sunglasses

The ultimate guide to polarised sunglasses

In the market for some new shades? Stylish, sustainable polarised sunglasses could be just what you’re looking for. 

By Alix Nicholson

Polarised sunglasses can be an absolute game-changer for anyone spending time outdoors, as they make it easier and more comfortable to see the world around you. Plus, they may even be good for our eye health – and we can’t go past that as a bonus for sliding on a pair of these superpowered specs!  

Better yet, the days of daggy plastic polarised lens sunglasses are well and truly over. At Folkal, we have stacks of stylish, sustainable frames that are good for your eyes and the planet.  

Think it might be about time to buy polarised sunglasses, but you want to know a little more? Let us give you some insight into this clever spec tech.


What are polarised lens sunglasses? 

Put simply, polarised sunglasses are created with lenses that cut down on glare from reflective surfaces. And we’re not just talking about rogue mirrors on the loose! Polarised lens sunglasses are fantastic for improving your vision in other high-glare scenarios, such as if you’re out on the water or zooming through the ski fields. 

While polarised lens sunglasses don’t increase the level of UV protection, they can have added benefits aside from just helping us see better in glary conditions. In fact, polarised sunglasses may even help alleviate eyestrain, as they help boost colour and contrast, meaning your eyes aren’t forced to work so hard to see objects in bright light conditions. Plus, less glare equals less squinting, which means fewer fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes, too. Wins all ’round!


How do polarised sunglasses work?

Okay, let’s get scientific for a second. How do these babies do what they do, exactly? When light hits a smooth surface, like calm water or an endless snow field, a sheet of metal or even a stretch of light-coloured pavement, the light reflects at one angle, rather than bouncing at lots of different angles as it does when it hits an uneven surface. When the light hits your eyes in this way, it produces glare.  

The lenses of polarised sunglasses filter out some of the light as it passes through the lens and in doing so, reduce the level of glare. They do this by only allowing vertical light rays reach your eyes, while horizontal light waves are blocked. This causes the image you see to be a little darker, but much clearer and crisper, and in more defined detail. Pretty clever, right?


Should you buy polarised sunglasses? 

Okay, let’s get down to the nitty gritty: are polarised sunnies truly worth your hard-earned dollars? If you’re someone who regularly spends time in glary conditions, there’s no doubt polarised lens sunglasses can offer up a bunch of benefits, from reduced eye strain to better vision. Some people even claim to be less tired after a day spent in glary conditions when wearing a pair of polarised sunglasses. In particular, polarised lens sunglasses can help people see into the water while fishing or boating, while many avid golfers love the way polarised lens sunglasses reduce glare on fairways (or help them find any balls that have found their way into water hazards).  

They’re also a fantastic pick for anyone spending time in the snow but be warned – there are some instances when wearing polarised lens sunglasses can hinder rather than help. For example, if you’re driving in snowy conditions, it’s important for your safety to be able to see glare coming from ice on the roads and similarly when skiing, you need to be able to watch out for icy patches.  

Polarised sunglasses may also make it more difficult to see screens – we’re talking phones, your car dash, etc. They’re also far from ideal when driving at night, when more light is needed. (But who’s wearing sunglasses at night apart from rock stars?!) 


What to look for when you buy polarised sunglasses

So what should you look for when you buy polarised sunglasses? First of all, you need to find a style you love, and Folkal’s range has you well covered in that department, with plenty of men’s, women’s and gender-neutral designs from all the best brands (think: Smith Optics, Polaroid, Hugo Boss and more).  

Sustainability is also a crucial factor when choosing your new sunnies, and if you want to buy polarised sunglasses that are kind to the planet, you can’t go past the selection on offer at Folkal. We are committed to transforming sustainability in the eyewear industry and all our polarised sunglasses score top marks in our sustainability rating system 

Ready to buy polarised sunglasses? Let’s go shopping!