Do blue light blocking glasses really work?

Do blue light blocking glasses really work?

You’ve heard about blue light glasseshere’s why they’re 100% worth the hype.

By Alix Nicholson

If you spend a lot of time in front of screens (and let’s be real, who doesn’t these days?), you may have heard of blue light glasses, which are designed to help shield our eyes from some of the light that screens emit. But can anti-blue light glasses really make a difference to your health? And are there any chic, sustainable blue light glasses out there for the eco-conscious among us? Let’s dive in. 


What is blue light? 

Before we get into what the experts have to say about blue light blocking glasses, let’s get clear on what blue light actually is. Blue light is a natural light wavelength that’s present in sunlight but is also produced in high doses by the electronic screens so many of us are glued to for hours each day. 

Blue light is known to increase alertness – which is just perfect when we need a little help waking up in the morning! But that boosted energy can also play havoc with our sleep patterns, with research suggesting that exposure to blue light before bedtime can affect our sleep quality and make it harder for us to drift off at night. That’s where blue light glasses come in. 


How do blue light glasses help?  

Blue light blocking glasses are designed to specifically filter out the blue wavelength of light that TV, computer, phone and tablet screens emit, so you're exposed to less of it. But do they actually work? Well, while the jury’s still out on the effectiveness of anti-blue light glasses for eye strain, grabbing yourself a pair of stylish, sustainable blue light filter glasses may just be a top idea for anyone who’s after a better night’s sleep night’s sleep. And isn’t that all of us?!  

Blue light blocking glasses may just be a fantastic solution for not only improving sleep quality but also helping us fall asleep faster and stay in the land of ZZZs for longer – particularly for anyone using screens close to bedtime. One study found that workers who wore blue light glasses were treated to a better, longer sleep and – bonus – they also saw improvements in their work performance. Triple threat! Another study found that insomnia sufferers who wore anti-blue light glasses for two hours before they went to bed got more quality sleep and had less trouble drifting off.  


How do blue light blocking glasses work? 

Clearly, there are plenty of documented benefits to slapping on a pair of blue light filter glasses before you settle in for screen time, especially in the evening. But how exactly do anti-blue light glasses work? Well, you know how we mentioned blue light from the sun helps wake you up in the morning? That’s because they impact your levels of melatonin, which is a naturally occurring hormone that helps control our sleep-wake cycles. When it’s dark, the body pumps up the melatonin to help us sleep. But if we’re blasting our peepers with blue light in the hours before bedtime, those levels may stay down, keeping us awake.  

Blue light glasses work by absorbing those pesky blue light wavelengths, preventing them from reaching your eyes and potentially messing up your sleep. 


What to look for when you buy blue light glasses 

When you’re ready to buy blue light glasses, first up, make sure the anti-blue light glasses you pick do actually block out blue light. Yes, really! This may seem obvious, but not all blue light glasses are created equal, and some may not filter out enough of the light’s wavelength to make a significant difference. Folkal’s range of blue light blocking glasses delivers 30% protection from the blue light emitted by monitors, smartphones, TVs and laptops.  

Of course, sustainability is always key when choosing any eyewear, and our range of planet-friendly blue light glasses by Blue Bay are not only made entirely from recycled water bottles, but also stylish to boot.  

It’s also worth considering the type of lenses you need. If you wear prescription glasses, your optometrist can organise blue light filter glasses designed for your personal needs (winner!), or if you’re after a sleek pair of readers to make screen time more comfortable, check out our selection of anti-blue light readers. 

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