From road to rocks: these are the best sunglasses for any sport

From road to rocks: these are the best sunglasses for any sport

Whether you’re on the roads, rocks or rips, one thing is for sure: having the right sports sunnies could make all the difference to you and the planet.

By Rebecca Denne

Calling all adrenaline junkies. When you’re facing extreme conditions, freezing temperatures and pushing your body to its limit, having the right kit for the job is paramount.  

Here’s our pick of the best sports sunglasses, whether you’re on land or sea. And the best bit? They’re all made from sustainable, planet-friendly materials. 

Best sunglasses for running  

Channeling your inner Forrest Gump? We implore you to keep on running, mate. Whether it’s a 5k or an ultra, when it comes to your sunglasses it’s all about a decent fit and 10/10 comfort. Enter the Resolve range by Smith Optics, designed to deal with harsh conditions and help you push yourself to dare-devil extremes. Lightweight with a super secure wrap-around fit and made from bio-based material, they even allow for interchangeable lenses so you can match them perfectly to your current lighting conditions. Very nice indeed. Super cool ChromaPop™ lens tech also means zero glare, so no missing out on the road ahead. Run, Forrest, run! 

Best sunglasses for soccer 

A quick five-a-side after work or a full-on blood, sweat and tears-fuelled game, every soccer player needs to look the part if you ask us. Designed by Hugo Boss for the 2022 FIFA World Cup, the Boss 1451/S frames’ colour palette was inspired by the competing nations to celebrate the global championship. They’re also made using an eco-polyamide material for added bonus points. Back of the net. 

Best sunglasses for skiing 

Perisher bound? Then making sure you have the right pair of eyewear when you’re plummeting down the mountains is a must. Enter the frankly unmissable Smith Optics XC collection. Launched in 1984 for the Nordic skiing community, these bad boys are serving retro mountain-side vibes in style. But more importantly, their shield-shape design blocks out wind and snow and their slick flip-up lenses allow air in. While we love a heritage style, our pals at Smith Optics have upped the ante and updated the range with sustainable materials and Chromapop lenses for added excellence. Après-ski, anyone? 

Best sunglasses for water sports 

We’ve all been there. You’re out on the open water, living your best sun-drenched life, but your day is slightly (ok, very) scuppered by substandard sunnies. Bright glare is not the one, friend. Get yourself a decent wrap-round frame like these slick Spinners by Smith Optics. With a full shield for coverage and a ‘they aren’t going anywhere’ non-slip grip, your shades will stay firmly in place so you can focus on your next wave, catch or adrenaline rush on the ocean.  

Best sunglasses for hiking  

When you’re rambling your way through rocky terrain and the sun’s beaming, you want a dependable high-performance pair of sports shades to see you right on your way. We’re fans of Under Armour’s super cool Skylar collection (adds the blue pair to online basket) for class, cost and creds; the classic frames are made from Tritan Renew, a really smart, revolutionary recycled plastic that’s both highly durable and flexible, making them a winner for your next adventure. 

Best sunglasses for cycling 

When you’re in head-to-toe lycra, the last issue you need is your sunnies being the thing that’s not sitting right if you catch our drift… Made from bio-based material, the Bobcat Black sunglasses from Smith are designed with wearability in mind. This hybrid design pairs goggle-like coverage with the airflow and easy-wear feel of sunglasses. The ChromaPop™ lens brings out the details on forested trails and in bright alpine bowls and their no-slip detail creates the perfect snug fit so these bad boys aren’t going anywhere while you pummel the pavement. Now for that Strava PB…  

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